an extraordinary labor and birth course


Online Course Special Delivery

The online course that prepares you for the delivery and the period afterwards

Special times require a special preparation for your delivery and the arrival of your baby. In the online course ‘Special Delivery: an extraordinary labor and birth course’ you will receive extensive information about pregnancy, delivery and the period afterwards, including the first contact, the postpartum period and breast and formula feeding, but it also offers you practical techniques and exercises.

Special Delivery is an online course with a total of more than 14 hours of online teaching material. Each lesson starts with a some theory and then I teach you a number of exercises and / or techniques with easy to follow instructions that you can use immediately. An enormously extensive and interactive course, with matching worksheets, exercises and techniques, in which all information is always up to date and you do not have to leave the house!

You can follow the lessons yourself at your own pace and in your own time, while sitting on the couch or snugly under the covers in your bed: wherever and whenever you want without distraction from others. Basically just a private course all for you! You can view the lessons all at once, but also in parts and all lessons can also be viewed up to 6 months after purchase. In addition to the online lessons, you will also receive the course material as a handout, including all practical exercises and techniques, so that you can read it all again and you can ask me any questions you may have afterwards.

A selection of the topics covered in this course:

✓ the course of the pregnancy
✓ anatomy
✓ pain perception and pain relief
✓ how to deal with fear and insecurity
✓ giving birth at home or in a hospital / birth centre
✓ interventions and complications during childbirth
✓ how does the delivery begin and the stages of labor
✓ relaxation and breathing exercises
✓ pushing technique and positions / poses during childbirth
✓ the first contact with your baby
✓ breast and formula feeding
✓ the postpartum period and the period after that





✓ Online course for pregnant women
✓ Extensive information about pregnancy, delivery and the period afterwards
✓ Practical techniques
✓ Pays attention to the supporting role of the partner


Normally € 199, now for only € 79,95 for more than 14 hours of online material!



You can order the course directly here and pay securely through iDeal or PayPal. You will then receive an
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